A high performance home without electric cost

All Eco Series homes are designed and engineered to be high performance homes with superior energy efficiency. This in conjunction with with our standard solar system will always provide our home owners with the luxury of ZERO ELECTRIC COSTS

A series of upgrades that are always included.

Our standard features include upgraded insulation, high efficiency windows, hybrid water heater, LED lighting, granite counter tops, upgraded cabinets and flooring, home automation and a complete solar system that provide your home all the electricity it needs.

The excellent advantage of zero electric bills.

The ECO Series homes are always cheaper to own than the regularly built homes. Even with the numerous upgrades the monthly electric savings are greater than the additional cost of the high performance elements. Thus, why would you ever buy anything else!

Net Zero Energy Home


We are now offering ECO Series Net Zero Energy homes in Florida. The first communities are already under construction including some in-fill homes that are being built in Tampa and Orlando area. The Good news is that there are already a number of new communities getting ready to be launched, so even if you do not find the right home for you today, please come back back often. New communities are expected to be announced every month.

Featured Community


Poinciana is the perfect place to call home

In this beautiful community of Poinciana, we offer spectacular fully upgraded homes with sizes from 1,260 sq. ft. to 2,012 sq. ft. Our homes in Poinciana are unique and can accommodate everyone. This unique project offers the most modern, sophisticated and beautiful homes on the market!

Starting at $847 a month, these homes are also the most affordable on the market in Poinciana. With standard features such as granite counter tops, LED lighting, hybrid water heater and our Tesla powered solar system this is really nothing else like this in Poinciana.

Featured Community


NET ZERO Energy Homes in Deltona exclusively by The ECO Home Company

These high-tech NET ZERO energy homes start at $764 and ranging from 1,103 sq. ft. to 2,240 sq. ft. with your choice of 3 or 4 bedrooms. Standard features such as LED lighting, hybrid water heater and our Tesla powered solar system, Deltona has something to accommodate everyone.

In this fast-growing community of Deltona, The ECO Home Company is making an impression. Well known for its agricultural environment, Deltona is also part of the Florida Wildlife Corridor. It sits in a critical central Florida location that plays a key role in Florida’s environmental ecosystem.

Featured Community

Orange City


Our NET ZERO energy star and water star certified homes are truly one of a kind. Our homes in Orange city start at $764 a month, with your choice of 3 or 4 bedrooms including state of the art technology that is only available through The ECO Home Company.

Orange City’s residents are fortunate to have some of the safest and most affordable neighborhoods. Orange City offers residents and visitors a wide variety of recreational opportunities. These include Halloween Block Party, Christmas Parade and Fireworks, Fun and Fanfare!

Featured Community

Palm Coast


The ECO Home Company is offering brand-new luxurious spacious duplex homes with granite counter tops, LED lighting, hybrid water heater and our Tesla powered solar system starting at $899 a month with 1468 sq. ft. of living space, 3 bedrooms and a 2 car garage, this beautiful two-story duplex offers perfect accommodations for everyone.

Considered as one of Florida's newest cities (incorporated 1999), Palm Coast is a Florida paradise – situated on 70 miles of saltwater and freshwater canals. The Inter-coastal Waterway is just minutes from one of a kind pristine Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Featured Community


Central Florida's first ECO Homes with a contemporary twist

This perfect blend between a modern and contemporary look makes these sophisticated ECO homes in Deland truly stand out. These one of a kind open concept homes are offered in a 3 or 4 bedroom model ranging form 1462 sq. ft. to 2200 sq. ft. with a spacious 2 car garage and fully upgraded features like granite counter tops, LED lighting, hybrid water heater and our Tesla powered solar system stat.

The city of Deland is a fast pace growing community sitting a couple of miles north of the central business district of Orlando. With businesses thriving in the area, Deland offers a stable and powerful economy perfect for owning your very first ECO home.

Features not found elsewhere


Superior energy efficient design with elements not found elsewhere.


Home automation is always a standard feature for our homes.


Superior lighting technology with less energy consumption.


Complete solar technology system is included in every home.


Hybrid waterheater - Most energy efficient on the market.


Many more features and elements not available elsewhere.

Sustainable Living

BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE HOME IS A CAREFULLY PLANNED PROCESS.Everything starts with a proper designing and engineering and then the home is constructed based on the developed detailed blueprint. The whole process requires a serious commitment and constant attention to detail.
A Healthy Home is one that has been designed, engineered and constructed in a manner that supports the health of its residents. It is one that nurtures body, mind and spirit. Natural, eco-friendly building materials are used and are free of harmful synthetic chemicals. It is a house that is healthy for its occupants as well as for the global environment.
Protecting you and your family from accidents and natural disasters is important to us. Properly engineered and constructed homes are less vulnerable to severe wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other disasters. Our home designs emphasize the safety of our homes to better protect your family from these disasters.


Beautiful Designs


Net Zero Energy = No Electric Bill

Having your own solar system producing electricity for your home
is absolutly priceless

Seriously - Do The Math

Electric costs are going up every year. $200 in electric costs today is probably going to be $300 in not so distance future. That is the same as your home loan being $60,000 more. That cannot be an option.

You can shoose to pay $300 a month in electric bills every month, or you can use that money for something else. How about a free cruise every year? Or perhaps 40 rounds of golf, or how about 20 visits to a spa? The choice is yours.

It is a proven fact that high performance homes, and especially homes with solar technology, have a much higher resale value than the homes without this technology. Not only is the resale value higher, but the Net Zero Energy homes wil lalso sell faster than other homes in the market.


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